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30 Years Of Snowtrax

30 Years Of Snowtrax



October 1989 – Doors open for the first time, welcoming skiers to the brand new dry-slope situated just outside Hurn Village in Dorset.

Things have changed a lot! We now have the best artificial slope surface anywhere in the world! Our store has been shipping online orders for over 14 years, sending the Snowtrax logo to every part of the globe! And, we have our very own adventure park and huge pirate ship hidden in our forest!

The last 3 decades has seen a lot of milestones!
Snowtrax has been part of the community right from the start. In fact, we’ve been involved in raising money for charities since the first day we opened. Since then we’ve helped raise tens of thousands of pounds, as well as donating experiences and vouchers here to hundreds of local causes.


Learn to ski in Dorset at Snowtrax

We’ve taught over 450,000 ski and snowboard lessons, from beginners right through to experts wanting race coaching!





Ringo's sessions at Snowtrax in Christchurch Dorset
And our Ringos – One of the most popular tubing attractions in the UK – have travelled over 60 million meters in their life time!! That’s the more than 4 times the length of the UK, or over 15 times the entire length of the London underground!!




Since we’re celebrating our birthday it’s worth noting that we’ve helped over 250,000 kids celebrate birthday’s with our Ringo parties, ski bob parties, and pirate parties!Childrens birthday parties at Snowtrax in Christchurch Dorset






What’s next?

Though Snowtrax has evolved, our values remain the same. We’ve just added a few updates like; reducing our environmental impact, supporting more local businesses, and making snow sports universally accessible.

Proslope material has been a big step too! Making the change from slope material designed in the 40’s to a safer, faster, more modern surface allowed Snowtrax to host way more freestyle events without any loss of performance for our local ski race team! (Who train over 500 hours annually on our slope.)

We’re looking to host even more events, competitions, and exclusive product launches! Plus we’re constantly adding new features and looking for new ways to improve our centre.

We can’t predict the next 30 years, but as long as there is skiing, there will be a Snowtrax!

Proslope Ski Slope at Snowtrax in Dorset

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