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Kids Ski Lessons

Kids Ski Lessons


Our Alpine Stars sessions are an exciting way for kids to learn to ski. Our dedicated team of Instructors are experts at keeping your children’s ski lessons fun & interactive.

We run a number of different groups each session, for a variety of ability levels. We advise that children repeat the sessions until their instructor feels they have reached the standard for the next level.

It’s great fun for the kids to progress through the groups as they develop their technique & understanding. Please pay careful attention to the group in which your child is participating, as you’ll need to remember this to make future bookings.


Selecting your child’s ability level is very important, if you’re not sure then please ask at the time of booking and we’ll help get your kids in the right group. Being on a lesson of the correct standard, will greatly enhance the enjoyment of their ski lesson.

Alpine Tots – Skiing fun for 2-3 year olds

Give your kids their first ever taste of skiing. Simple sliding & gliding exercises to help them begin to learn what it’s all about. Parents are required to assist their children during the lesson.

Alpine Stars
Beginners to Intermediate

Group 1 (White) – First ever lesson. Straight running exercises on the nursery slopes. Working on balance & confidence.

Group 2 (Purple) – Warm up, repeating straight running exercises. Introduction of the snowplough, working throughout to hold a plough shape, gliding & stopping.

Group 3 (Green) – Continuing with snowplough exercises, gliding & stopping. Introduction of single turns each way using teaching aids. Developing into linking the turns.

Group 4 (Blue) – Introduction of the travelator to first bump. Continuing plough gliding exercises to adjust to the slope gradient. Lots of ploughing & STOPPING. Using teaching aids to start to introduce turning each way, progressing into linked turns. This lesson may need to be repeated before moving on.

Group 5 (Red) – Linking turns from 1st bump, continue up to bump 2 controlling speed. Working up the slope continuing to link turns & develop turning skills. Progressing up until controlled turning from the top of the small slope. Standard must be achieved before moving to Group 6.

Group 6 (Yellow) – Must have mastered all skills from Group 5. Plough Variation, Plough Braking, Schussing, Safely use lift without help, Plough around markers & cones, How to get up from fall, Ski Way Code. Introduction to main lift.

Alpine Stars

Group 7 (Green) – Skiing from the top of the main ski slope. Practice Stopping, Shuffle feet through turns, Pick up and put down ski in traverse, Jump and land a small jump, Shadow teacher for minimum of 6 turns, Side slipping, Able to stop and join a group safely, Ski way code.

Group 8 (Blue) – Accurate ploughing, all types of steering in plough, Intro to plough parallel and exercises, Plough swings starting in fall line, Tip/tail Swedish jumps, Linked Reverse plough turns, Jump off bottom bump, landing in control, Funnel, Pole exercises to help with balance and posture, Introduction to pole plant, Ski a slalom Course, Ski way code.

Alpine Rockets

Performance and Race  – Plough Parallel: Improve level and performance, Ski at same speed as a buddy, Synchronised, Targeted side slip parallel turns (2 mats wide with pole plant), Carve Turns, Short radius through bumps, High speed carved turns, Javelin Turns, Railing, 360 spin no stepping, Backward Parallel Turns. Exploring all aspects of performance skiing, including introduction to Slalom racing & freestyle elements.


Alpine Tots

25 minute Lesson
Age 2 – 3 years
(Minimum Boot Size = UK 7)


Alpine Stars: Level 1 – 6 
45 minute Lesson
Age 3-12


Alpine Stars: Level 7-8
60 minute Lesson
Age 3-12


Alpine Rockets: Performance and Race
60 minute Lesson
Age 5-12



Book Online available (one week in advance only from 6pm Sunday evenings for the following week)
Online Booking system, or call our reception team on 01202 499155. 

Full Payment required upon booking.


NEW 5 WEEK BEGINNER COURSES NOW AVAILABLE! ((Bookable through reception only). 


4.15PM – 5PM


Saturday courses:

4th January – 1st February (5-10 yrs) – FULL

OR 8th February – 7th March (11-15 yrs)

Sunday courses:

5th January – 2nd February (11-15 yrs) – FULL

OR 9th February – 8th March (5-10 yrs)

All 5 weeks of the same course must be taken –  – no rescheduling or change of courses.


Alpine Tots

10am – 10.25am
10.30am – 10.55am

Tuesdays and Wednesdays  9.15am (30 minute beginners class)

Alpine Stars

All Year Round


Beginner 9.00am  (Group 1-5) – 45 minute session (level 2 often at 10am)

Advanced 10.00am (Group 7-10) 1 hour session

(Group 6) 11am– 45 minute session


Winter Season Only (from 27th October)


9.00am  (Group 1-5) – 45 minute session (level 2 often at 10am)

Advanced 10.00am (Group 7-10) 1 hour session

(Group 6) 11am- 45 minute session