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Kids Snowboard Lessons

Kids Snowboard Lessons

Snowboarding – Snowtrax Academy

Snowtrax Academy Snowboard sessions are an exciting way for kids to learn how to Snowboard. Our dedicated team of Snowboard Instructors are experts at keeping your children’s Snowboard lessons fun & interactive, whilst providing them with a structured rewarding environment.

Children attending our weekly Junior Academy Snowboard Sessions are guided through a specially designed snowboard program, allowing them to learn and enjoy their first experience of snowboarding. From our younger Mini Shredder Sessions, on to our Junior Boarder Sessions, they will get the feeling of sliding and balance and progress through our rewarding level structure with one of our fully trained instructors. NEW for 2021 – the introduction of our Junior Freestyle Academy, Freestyle Academy and Performance Academy! Designed as a natural progression for any youngster looking to accelerate their snowboarding techniques even further. Learn more about all our sessions below!


Selecting your child’s ability level is very important, if you’re not sure then please ask at the time of booking and we’ll help get your kids in the right group. Being on a lesson of the correct standard, will greatly enhance the enjoyment of their snowboard lesson.


Snowtrax Academy

Ages 4+

Mini Shredders – Weekly Snowboarding Lessons (Ages 4-7)

The instructor will start off with simple straight running exercises and continue with introducing side slipping heel/toe edge. This class will take place on the nursery slope.

This class is suitable for children who have no previous experience with snowboarding. This level may need to be repeated a number of weeks before moving up to intermediate.


At this stage to move up from beginners, children must be able to control a heel and toe edge. Instructor will introduce diagonal side slips and J turns. Children will also learn toe and heel edge to fall line. This class will take place half way up the travellator slope.


To move into advanced, children must be able to complete previous requirements. Instructors will Introduce C turning and S turning from the top of the travellator slope.


Junior Boarders – Weekly Snowboarding Lessons (Ages 8-16)



  • Introduction of equipment and safety talk. Introduction to straight-run sliding.
  • Side slipping using toe and heel edge, controlled decent.


  • Diagonal side slip on toe and heel edge. Heel & toe edge to fall line.


Snowboard Riders Club (Ages 8+) NEW

Advanced Snowboard sessions – For young people that have completed Junior Boarders or are at the required level following an assessment. Snowtrax Snowboard Riders Club is the NEW high standard in snowboarding here at Snowtrax – developed from the need to offer an accelerated snowboard learning platform for our young aspiring athletes or future Snowboard instructors and seasonaires. The Snowboard Riders Club sessions target specific performance techniques to ensure all attendees achieve the highest level of tuition available at Snowtrax.


Freestyle Academy – Weekly Snowboarding Lessons (Ages 6-16)

Once you graduate from our Junior Boarders Academy – you can continue honing your skills at a higher level, with other participants aged from 6-16 years old. Designed specifically for attendees with an interest or even a gift for Freestyle, our Freestyle Academy will take everything students know so far and build on those skills even further.


Mini Shredders – Beginners

25 minute Lesson
Suitable for ages 4 – 7 yrs old (minimum boot size is UK8)


Mini Shredders – Intermediate

45 min Lesson

Suitable for ages 4 – 7 yrs old (minimum boot size is UK8)


Mini Shredders – Advanced

45 min Lesson

Suitable for ages 4 – 7 yrs old (minimum boot size is UK8)


Junior Boarders

45 minute Lesson
Suitable for ages 8-16

£16.50 Under 16’s Only

Snowboard Riders Club

1 hour session

Suitable for ages 8+

Freestyle Academy

90minute Lesson
Suitable for ages 6-16




Mini Shredders

*One week in advance booking only – ONLINE bookings open from 6pm each Sunday  evening!


Beginners 9.30am & 10.45am (30 minute sessions)

Intermediate 11.15am (45 minute sessions)

Advanced 12.15pm (45 minute sessions)

Junior Boarders

*One week in advance booking only – ONLINE bookings open from 6pm each Sunday  evening!

Saturdays – All Year Round

Beginner: 10.15am – 45 minute session

Intermediate: 11.15am – 45 minute session



Beginner: 11.15am – 45 minute session

Intermediate: 12.15pm – 45 minute session


Snowboard Riders Club

*One week in advance booking only – ONLINE bookings open from 6pm each Sunday  evening!

Tuesdays – 5pm – 1 hour session

Thursdays – 6pm – 1 hour session

Saturdays –  12.15pm – 1 hour session



Freestyle Academy

Mondays – All Year Round – 6pm-7.30pm


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