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Our Proslope Surface


Back in November 2011, Snowtrax teamed up with Proslope to revitalise the surface used for artificial ski slopes.

The slope instantly proved to be a success, with a major increase in the volume of people coming up and giving it a go – and loving it!
Years later, everyone from veteran ski racers, to young freestylers and everyone inbetween are recommending our slope – here’s why…


Proslope matting has been designed in paralell with the needs of skiiers and snow boarders in this ever evolving industry. Our surface is great for all abilities and types from ski racing to freestyle. The main reason for this is down to the mattings unique construction that allows for good edge grip AND soft landings. No other ‘dry slope’ matting is able to offer both these features.

To read more about the surface, please visit the Proslope website here

Better still, come in and try it for yourself and tell us what you think! Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned perfectionist – we’re confident that you will find the surface a better all round experience, than other ‘dry slope’ surfaces you have experienced in the past

Here’s just some of the fun that can be had on Proslope. This video was shot at one of our bi-annual Ski and Snowboard Freestyle Competitions ‘Air Attack’


Nice to learn on as it is not as daunting as other surfaces. A great progressive surface for learning to free ride.”

Helen – Snowboard Instructor


  • Safe – no voids to catch fingers or thumbs
  • Much faster than other surfaces
  • Better grip and edge control
  • Softer landing for freestyle!


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