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Air Attack – The Results

When prize money is up for grabs you can always expect top quality riders to travel the distance, and Snowtrax Air Attack was no different. With riders coming across from Devon, Cornwall, Kent, Bucks, and even Manchester, the range of riders represented the best that the UK has to offer. The event format was simple – one big jam session for riders to showcase their talent over the multiple features set out on the NEW Proslope material. With riders designated in discipline and age groups, the stage was set for some epic group battles.

It was clear from the start that the quality of the Under 16 categories was high in both ski and snowboard and that some of the riders would have had a chance in the adult groups if given the chance. Cerys Allen was ripping but Becky Menday (Bib 56) was killing it left, right and center in the girls snowboard to take the win. Luckily MTB Photography was on hand to capture the night’s events with an awesome shot of Becky gapping the box and grabbing stalefish for good measure. The boys snowboard proved just as competitive as the girls. It was worth the journey for Tomski Robinson who travelled down from Manchester to take home the winnings in this group. Showcasing why he is the brightest talent to watch for the future, Tomski oozed style with floaty 1’s over the box and effortless lapping of the features all day long. Snowtrax is now a home away from home for Tomski who loved the new Proslope – we look forward to seeing you again soon! The boys snowboard category also displayed the emerging talent that is developing here at Snowtrax. James Waterman took 2nd with his signature front 3’s and spin-on-spin-off magic on the box. A nice little addition to his night included scoring his place on the Snowtrax freestyle team.

The Under 16 ski groups were dominated by the Rowlands. Michael Rowlands showed why he won the Brits and why he should take home the win. Tom Saunders deservedly took 2nd place but a mention should go out to little Haydyn Fiori who despite not getting on the podium this time will undoubtedly be dominating this category in the future. The Under 16 girls ski was a straight up shoot-out between Madi Rowlands and Molly Summerhayes which would eventually see Madi taking the win.

Sabrina Burnham was in a class of her own, absolutely stomping every feature out there in the ladies snowboard, whilst Dunstan Langrish sealed up the men’s snowboard with Sam McMahon coming in 2nd. The ladies ski level was just as high with local rider Lydia Schmidt having to settle for 2nd behind Chloe Hardy. Chloe was completely destroying the features and happily took home her reward of £150! The men’s ski competition proved to be a local battle. Fred Risch and Lewis Moore could not split the judge’s decision for 2nd place so they had to share the honours in joint 2nd. Props for the night had to go out to George Schmidt (Bib 4). Not only winning the men’s ski group and picking up £150, George threw down a 1080 off the kicker to the nod of approval from everyone out on the slope. This is definitely the first 1080 for Snowtrax and Proslope and just shows how exceptional the level of riding we have in the UK.

The night was a huge success in not only showcasing the young talent we have in the UK but also the great new Proslope matting being used here at Snowtrax. Combined with a friendly atmosphere in the bar and restaurant that extends out to the slope, the Air Attack series will continue to become bigger and better in the future.

Shout outs need to be given to all the staff at Snowtrax who stayed on or who came in especially to help. The judges who stayed out in the drizzle! MBT Photography for capturing the fun and excitement of the night. Darren Schmidt for course layout and “the voice” – your help was above and beyond. The sponsors who provided so generously – Salomon, Burton, Anon, RED, Scott, Forcefield, RADclothing, Dragon and Armada. Sorry if we have forgotten anyone. See you all at the next Air Attack!


1st Place – George Schmidt
2nd Place – Fred Risch & Lewis Moore
1st Place – Chloe Hurdy
2nd Place – Lydia Schmidt
1st Place – Michael Rowlands
2nd Place – Tom Saunders
1st Place – Madi Rowlands
2nd Place – Molly Summerhayes

1st Place – Dunstan Langrish
2nd Place – Sam McMahon
1st Place – Sabrina Burnham
2nd Place – N/A
1st Place – Tomski Robinson
2nd Place – James Waterman
1st Place – Becky Menday
2nd Place – Cerys Allen

Most Improved rider – Dylan Kirkwood


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